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2023 Summer Schedule

Classes run from May 30- June 26


4:00. Novice/Open

5:00 Ceili (4 hand Reel)

6:00 Technique (Nov/Open/PC/OC)

7:00-8:30. PC/OC


4:30. Advanced Beginner 2

5:30. Ceili (4 hand Jig)

6:00. Advanced Beginner 1

7:00-9:00. PC/OC


4:30 Toddler/Pre-Beginner

5:00 Beginner 1

6:00. Advanced Beginner 1

7:00 Advanced Beginner 2


10:00 am Open/PC

11:30. National's Solo Class

1:30 Novice

Thursday evening:

5:00 Summer Intro

6:00 Beginner 1

2023 Summer Camps

Soft Shoe Camp: June 13 & 14 (Tues/Wed)

8:30-10:00. PC/OC

10:00-11:30. Beginner/Advanced Beginner 1 & 2

11:30-1:00. Novice/Open

Tuition: $70

Hard Shoe Camp:  June 27 & 28 (Tues/Wed)

Traditional speed:  9:00-10:30

For anyone competing in the Advanced Beginner level to improve their hard shoe skills, rhythm, and steps.  It is suggested that all dancers participate in this camp to improve their hard shoe skills.

Slow Speed 10:30-12:00

For anyone competing in Novice or Open level or above to improve their hard shoes skills, rhythm, and steps. It is suggested that all dancers can participate in this camp to improve their hard shoe skills.

Tuition: $70

Intro to Hard Shoe camp: July 18 & 19 (Tues/Wed)


Intro to Hard Shoe & Hard Shoe Drill: For students who were in the beginner level this year and are ready to start hard shoes. It is also for students who were in the advanced beginner level or Novice level, who want to drill hard shoe’s to improve their hard shoe skills, rhythm development and steps. Hard shoes are needed for this camp, beginners can purchase hard shoes for this camp but please ask your child’s teacher if they are ready.

Tuition $50

Traditional set camp: July 25 & July 27 (tues/thurs)


For students who are in the advanced beginner level or above. We will be learning St. Patrick’s Day for students who have never learned a traditional set, and Garden of Daisies for those that already learned and mastered St. Patrick’s Day (or Job of Journeywork).  This class is mandatory for anyone that will be competing at the Oireachtas for traditional set.  

Tuition: $70

Technique Camp: August 2 & 3 (Wed/Thurs)

For students in any level who want to work on proper technique. We will be using progressive Dance Technique exercises and drills to help improve Irish Dance for competition. (turnout, crossing, up on toes, posture, stage presence, jumps, new hard shoe technique, tricks etc).

Tuition: $70

Ceili Camp: TBD- on a weekend in the Fall

Mandatory For students interested in competing in Ceili at Oireachtas.


BIG SUMMER DANCE CAMP: August 7, 8, 9, 10

Beginner/Advanced Beginner 1 & 2- 9:30-11:00

Novice/Open. 11:00-1:30

LUNCH/Special Class 12:30-1:30 (Nov,Open,PC,OC)

PC/OC (August 8,9,10 only) 12:30-3:30

Back to Basics & Fitness Camp with O'Malley & Egan (@Egan)

August 14-15

($25, For Oireachtas solo dancers only, More details to come)

The BIG SUMMER CAMP  is for students in all levels, ages 4 and up. No experience needed, new students are welcome. This camp is for End of the summer review, to keep dancers in shape, and the dancers will also get a jump start on new material for the new dance year. Lots of fun activities planned for this week, you don’t want to miss it. There is a fun theme planned for each day for your dancer to dress up and win prizes. A camp t-shirt is provided if registered before July 17. 

Tuition: $150 

Summer camps help to eliminate any gaps in basic technique and will introduce dancers to new skills while having fun with MacConmara friends. These camps will prepare students for some of the more complicated steps in their classes for next year. Students in the MacConmara camps drill a LOT of Irish dance skills in a short period of time. Due to the intensity, students who participate in a summer camp are often able to advance more quickly.

Prerequisites are required for each camp based on class level during the school year at MacConmara academy. If in doubt of which camp to attend, please ask your teacher.

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