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A Family Tradition Of Irish Dance

Teresa Seeman-Buck, TCRG * Marcus Maloney, ADCRG, Lindsey Hodgkiss, Kallie Hodgkiss, Tierney Shumaker

Welcome to the MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance. It is my goal to teach Irish dance to the best of your child’s ability. Most importantly to make it a wonderful and memorable experience while cultivating a love of Irish culture and dance. Irish dancing has been a part of my family my entire life. I want you to enjoy coming to classes, going to competitions, and giving performances just as I did growing up. The skills taught in Irish dance go beyond dance skills and have been proven to be invaluable many years later to so many people. Lasting friendships are formed among students, parents, and teachers as well as memorable experiences; from the first feis to placement in regional, national, or maybe a world championship.

I hope that you will share our enthusiasm for and love of Irish dance and enjoy your membership in the MacConmara family.

Teresa Seeman-Buck, TCRG

The school’s name, MacConmara (Gaelic for McNamara) is a tribute to the Irish heritage of Teresa’s grandmother, Kay McNamara-Seeman who encouraged the children to master traditional Irish dance. Teresa Buck was proud to announce the grand opening of the MacConamra Academy Studio along with a group of experienced instructors in 2009.

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