2018 Fall/Spring Schedule


5:00                   Open          

6:30-8:30         PC/OC


 5:30           Celtic Storm 

 6:30            Novice

 7:30-9:00   PC/OC


4:30         Pre-Beginner (ages 4 & 5)

5:00         Toddler’s Irish Rhythm (ages 2 ½ -3)

5:30         Beginner 1 (ages 5 and above)

6:30         Beginner 2 (ages 8 and above)

7:30         Adult Class

North Akron- Wednesday:

5:00-5:50      Advanced Beginner/Novice

 6:00-6:45       Beginner

 6:45-8:15       Open/PC/OC


4:30                   Advanced Beginner/Novice

5:30                   Ceili (Under 8)

6:00                   Ceili  Under 10)

6:35                   Ceili (Under 12 & Under 14)

7:15  -8:45        Open/PC/OC (Permission required)


10:00       Beginner 1

11:00         Advanced Beginner

12:00       Novice/Open       

1:00          Open Studio (dates will be sent out)



*Technique class will be held one weekend per month or every other month.  Those dates will be out in August.

*Hard shoe & Soft shoe drill classes will be held during the Open studio times a few times per year.  Those dates will be out in August.

Class Descriptions
Irish Rhythm:  Students ages 2 1/2 to 3 years old.  Learning the basics of
 Irish dance, no dance experience needed.  We will teach them how dance classes are run, and learn to follow rules.

Pre-Beginner:  Students age 3-4 years old.  Learning basics of Irish dance. and basic rules of a dance class.

Beginner 1: New students
Beginner 2: Students that have taken some Irish dance
but have not mastered the reel, jig, and slip jig.
Advanced Beginner: Students that have mastered the reel, jig,
and slip jig and are ready to start hard shoes.
Novice 1: Students that have mastered the traditional treble jig,
and have mastered the soft shoe steps.
Novice 2: Students that have mastered both slow treble jig and
traditional hornpipe, and are ready to learn more difficult steps.
Open: Students who are competing in the Open level at feiseanna.
Pictures of our Akron Studio