MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance - Located in Akron, OH
(This schedule continues through jULY 2016)
Registration cards and Brochures are also available at both studio's .

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5:00             Celtic Storm
6:00             Strengthening & drills (Exercise)
6:30-8:30     Open/Prelim/Champ
8:30             Adult class

 4:00             Advanced Beginner
 5:20             Ceili
 5:50             Beginner 1 & 2
 6:30-8:30     Oireachtas/Nationals solo class

4:30             Pre-beginner
5:00             Toddler’s Irish Rhythm (2-4 yrs old)
5:30             Summer Introductory
6:30             Adult Class

3:00             Open/PC/OC
5:00             Advanced Beginner
6:00            Oireachtas Ceili
6:45             Hard shoe Drill class
7:15             Novice 1 & Novice 2

Stow: Monday:
4:30             Boys Primary
5:30             Girls Primary
6:30             Summer Introductory
7:15             Intermediate

Class Descriptions
Irish Rhythm:  Students ages 2 1/2 to 4 years old.  Learning the basics of
 Irish dance.

Beginner 1: New students
Beginner 2: Students that have taken some Irish dance
but have not mastered the reel, jig, and slip jig.
Advanced Beginner: Students that have mastered the reel, jig,
and slip jig and are ready to start hard shoes.
Novice 1: Students that have mastered the traditional treble jig,
and have mastered the soft shoe steps.
Novice 2: Students that have mastered both slow treble jig and
traditional hornpipe, and are ready to learn more difficult steps.
Open: Students who are competing in the Open level at feiseanna.
Pictures of our Akron Studio